Soulcards and wines can currently only be purchased at my exhibitions. We are working on a webshop for online orders.



I choose Pictures which breath, tell Storys and reflect moods..

Content each Box: 6 postcards, hand signed, 6 envelopes. Pure harmony.

“Sunrise” – the colour Yellow is very dominant. Symbol for the sunlight which is awakening new life.

“Sunset” – reduced colours. Dominance of Blue- and Purple-Hues. Symbol for Melancholy but also for superiority.


"KALEIDOSKOP DER LEIDENSCHAFT" > exquisite collection of 5 selected wines with a special design

Spezielle Edition GERGANA POPOVA.

Design based on my picture „Schwarz Innen Leben“.
Vintage 2019 Merlot,  2021 Zweigelt, 2022: Grüner Veltliner, Gelber Muskateller, Riesling, Chardonnay, Rosé.

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The magnificent and idyllic landscape around Falkenstein offers exceptionally good climatic and geological conditions for the cultivation of excellent wines. The wooded hills keep cold winds away, and small limestone cliffs and hot valley basins ensure the optimal ripening of the grapes. Loose and warm soils are characterized by a high lime content. Large temperature differences in autumn help the wines to have very good acidity. Fruity, elegance, full-bodied, sparkling and tangy – these are what characterize the special wines of this region.