Gergana Popova


These people believed in me, they supportetd me from the very beginning. You are my dream team!

Barbara Mithlinger

Xenia Vargova

Jürgen E. Rottensteiner


I weave within my drawings lush colorful, decorative elements. Memories of my old souls.

At first, I see a wild swirl of colors that slowly forms perceptible structures. When awake I attempt to transfer what I have seen. Since I am autodidact, I act spontaneously and use techniques, which I can neither explain nor name. Every picture desires its own shape: some circles, some squares, then lines again, mosaics. I start off with a pencil sketch, refine it with thin fine-liner strokes. Lastly comes the colorization, it follows the guidelines I dreamed of.

Arijana Segalo

Georgi Dermedjiev


My evolution

This picture touches my substance very much. You can see I’m suffering. Nevertheless, buds, and playful tendrils of flowers can be found in the blooming picture. They symbolize hope. Observation reveals many insects in more detail. They are a symbol of the disease. The breakage of the Aesculapius glass shows my disappointment: despite four corona vaccinations, I was infected and had a severe course. The many snakes symbolize Hygieia, the Greek goddess of health. In the Renaissance, Hygieia represented faith in medicine, wisdom, and hope for a speedy recovery.

Fight club

The sinner is frozen in the whirlpool of emotions and negative energies. The danger is everywhere, threatening to engulf them. A very complex symbol of my life, with all the ups and downs. I always had the feeling that many eyes were watching me. Everyone expects efficiency and perfection from me. To do that, I had to sin a lot. On the left side of the picture, you can see broken letters, an allegory of the apostle Paul: “Sin cannot even write its own name!” The dove flying out of my hands represents renewal and the hope in me for an early absolution.

The Sinner

Everything around us is a masquerade. The intention is that we don’t think about anything, don’t ask uncomfortable questions, and don’t allow any visions of the future. What is expected of us these days is to vegetate. The image is a sharp look at the current political situation in my native Bulgaria. I wanted to present my opinion free of emotion and uninfluenced, without a muzzle. It’s incredibly sad, but that’s the unvarnished truth.


An image from the cycle “Visit to Gaia”. It’s unbelievable the world we live in. Everything around us is dirty – our thoughts, the leftover emotions, nature. The forests, the rivers, the seas and the atmosphere. What have we not collected in our lungs over the course of time? Gaia dies. She’s on a ventilator, she’s already given up. Plagued by the heat, she melts like a multicoloured ice cream cone. She stinks horribly. We should scream with one voice: “Stop!” The spheres in the picture are hovering over our heads, our DNA is stored in one sphere. In another, the scent of a meadow in bloom, the green colour of chlorophyll molecules. The colourless butterflies, a catalyst for cleanliness, don’t fly anywhere. We don’t realize it, but the time has come for a tabula rasa.


The picture shows exactly how I feel when SHE comes back. I can hardly breathe. With each delayed breath, my heart beats faster and faster. Desperately I try to find the strength to slow the galloping pulse. I’m freezing. Ants eat my body within seconds. The heartbeat is pounding in my brain. Thorns break out of my body. It hurts so much in my chest. My pupils burst from the internal pressure. I choke, feel something like fur in my throat, as if I’d swallowed a ball of cat hair. It grows and grows and takes all my breath away… in the moments that follow my heart stands still, surrounded by a hundred hairy spiders

Panic Attack

One of my first drawings, was created during the first lockdown in 2020. An identification picture for me. It shows my pride that I am Bulgarian! Various folkloric motifs are hidden in the picture. Queen Desislava is shown, as one of the most important symbolic figures during the two hundred years of Byzantine rule over Bulgaria. The broken mannequin in the centre of the picture is an allegory of myself. I designed the jewellery worn by the mannequins at the bottom of the picture myself. Despite all the adversities in my life, I crown myself like Napoleon once did. My first self-portrait.

Mistress of the puppets

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